Ready to own your data?

Discover the freedom of self-hosting.

Goodbye, cloud. Hello, server in your home.

Umbrel Home in smoky setting

Own your data. Truly.

Empower yourself with absolute control over your data, its storage, access, and sharing.

Privacy. Uncompromised.

Safeguard your privacy and protect your data by eliminating reliance on cloud services.

Tailored to you. By you.

Personalize your self-hosted environment with apps that match your needs - file servers, ad blockers, Bitcoin node, and more.

Break free & save.

Liberate yourself from the cloud, and save on recurring cloud-based subscription costs.

Accelerated performance.

Get lightning-fast data access & seamless services, optimized for your individual self-hosted experience.

Rainy day resilience.

Your home server safeguards your data, even when cloud-based companies face storms and shut down.

No external display, mouse or keyboard required.

Use umbrelOS from your browser.

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Independence. Built in.

Info Graphic about umbrelOS
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Performance you can’t put into perspective.

Except you can.

Here’s how Umbrel Home stacks up next to Pi-based servers.1

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CPU Performance 2

Umbrel Home

Raspberry Pi 5

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SSD Speed 2

Umbrel Home

Raspberry Pi 5 with a USB 3.0 SSD

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RAM Size

Umbrel Home

Raspberry Pi 5

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Memory Bandwidth

Umbrel Home

Raspberry Pi 5

Migration Assistant

Seamlessly migrate from Raspberry Pi to Umbrel Home.

Migration section background
Migration UI

Migration Assistant lets you seamlessly transfer all your apps and data from a Raspberry Pi-based Umbrel to the Umbrel Home.

Join the party.

Love and stories from self-hosters out there.

Umbrel Home close-up

Umbrel Home

Home is where your data belongs.

$399 or $99.75/mo. for 4 months.Free delivery in the US.


Intel N100 CPU · Quad-Core · 3.4GHz






3 x USB 3.0 · Gigabit Ethernet


WiFi · Bluetooth

Operating System



1-year Limited Warranty

In the Box

Umbrel Home · Ethernet Cable · Power Adapter · Instruction Manual

The party is only getting started.

We've got lots more on the horizon.

Follow our journey in enabling sovereign individuals truly own their data.
Better yet, be a part of it.

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1. Testing conducted by Umbrel in January 2024 using a preproduction Umbrel Home, a Raspberry Pi 4 with 8GB RAM, and a Raspberry Pi 5 with 8GB RAM, all running umbrelOS 0.5.4.

2. Single-threaded CPU performance, multi-threaded CPU performance, and SSD read speed measured using select industry-standard benchmarks.

3. Bitcoin node sync time measured over the local network using the Bitcoin Node app (v26.0) on the Umbrel App Store.

4. Llama 2 7B generation speed tested using LlamaGPT app (v1.0.0) on the Umbrel App Store with no other apps installed.

5. Video transcoding speed, file upload speed over Gigabit Ethernet, and file compression measured using select industry-standard Linux utilities.

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